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Taking one Dani Fink and watching her become one Dani Harris

and making her laugh while it happens

The Bridal Posse
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Here is a community to keep bridesmaids, close friends and family and of course, the beautiful bride herself, up to date on what we are all doing. This will be a fun way to keep tabs on plans, questions, quizzes, ideas and whatnot.

Mainly invited to the community are the bridal party- us girls who have the honored privilege of helping our friend Danielle make the transition into a bride and wife. We are the frontline moral support and glamorous girls who will endeavor to make her wedding the best it can be.

I'm Sarah, the maid of honor, and I can't wait to have fun with all of you for this big day and the stuff leading up to it. Let's have a lot of fun leading up to the big day and have an incredible time glamourizing and pampering our friend Dani!